Cape Cod Shipbuilding
Retired Design *
Designed by:
Sidney DeW. Herreshoff

The Beverly Dinghy is offered in both a rowing and a sailing version. The rowing version has two stations to allow flexibility depending upon the number of passengers and gear. She moves beautifully through the water with a full load, one person or when being towed behind a cruising boat. The sailing version has plenty of space for a dinghy yet remains simple with her layout. Folks of all ages sail the Beverly dinghy and enjoy her ease and simplicity.
Beverly 11 1/2’ Dinghy
Rowing Model - $3,600
Sailing Model - $6,000
Length Overall11’ 6”
Beam4’ 6”
Depth1’ 7”
Weight Rowing Model142 lbs.
Weight Sailing Mode with sail207 lbs.
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* RETIRED DESIGN NOTE Retired Cape Cod boats were built at one time, but due to a lack of owner support have been removed from regular production. The fiberglass molds to build these boats remain at Cape Cod Shipbuilding Co. but custom replacement parts may not be readily available. A retired boat could be built, but a fleet order would need to be placed to bring the molds into the shop.