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As we transition gradually back to work here at Cape Cod Shipbuilding, customers are asked to please make an appointment and we can tend to your needs curbside and with special access only. This will insure we comply with our state’s orders and that we all stay healthy. Please submit appointment requests weekdays only. Requests must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance of date/time requested.

Appointment Form: Required information

I ordered a part or materials and would like to arrange curbside pick-up as it can’t be shipped.
I am a storage customer and need to work on by boat. If I will paint the bottom of my boat I’ve already ordered my paint supplies.
I would like to bring my boat to Cape Cod Shipbuilding as she is ready for launch and rig.
I received word my boat is ready for pick up and I would like to schedule when I will arrive at Cape Cod Shipbuilding to sail away/pick up.
I am interested in one of your brokerage boats and would like to set up a Zoom meeting.
I am interested in one of your new sailboats and would like to set up a Zoom meeting.

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